Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Good grief, it's been a while...

April went by in a blur, thanks to various bits of Life Happening, including a family emergency that necessitated a two-week trip to central New York. (Mom's much better now, thanks, and I got to finish the edits on the book formerly known as Master Right while she was recovering...but I don't recommend it as a writing retreat.)

So what's been up with me in the writing department?

The Out of the Frying Pan partial went off to Kensington and we got a "we want to see the whole thing" in about ten days. In the irony department, Dayle had just sent me an email saying, "Take care of your mom and don't worry about the revisions for the second half of the book; we'll have months" when they contacted us. Hey, it was a good distraction from fretting.

Too many story acceptances (and, alas, rejections!) to bother tallying.

Several new books have come out...

Got a Minute? 60-Second Erotica
(me and Dayle),
B is for Bondage

He's on Top

and its companion piece She's on Top (me, Dayle, and one by Noelle Keely, who's also me)

and the US release of Sex with Strangers , which contains stories by me, Sophie Mouette, and Dayle's other co-author, Sarah Husch. We are achieving world domination.


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