Thursday, June 22, 2006

The adventure continues...

Several more stories have found good homes since last I managed to post. "Busted," the Sophie Mouette collaboration that got shortlisted for Best Lesbian Erotica 2007, also got accepted for a Rachel Kramer Bussel/Alison Tyler anthology called Caught Looking. (Fortunately all the editors involved are cool with this.) I also got a solo story in Caught Looking, a very kinky little piece. And today, accepted "Mine Like the Rest of You." That should be out soon; I'll keep you posted as to when it's up on line.

In other news, in a turn of events I'm still trying to wrap my head around, I'm going to the RWA National conference in Atlanta at the end of July. I hadn't even considered going, even though it's a great conference, the conference for romance/erotic romance writers. It's in Atlanta. It's not cheap. I've made a habit over the years of not even looking at conferences that weren't in easy driving distance. Just didn't feel right to consider spending the money for what, to me, was pure pleasure. I managed to convince myself that I really didn't want to leave home for that long, that I had better uses for the money, that the networking and learning weren't "that important."

And there was just enough truth to that to be believable. When I had money, I had no time. Now I have a flexible schedule, but our finances are tight. And it's true that I'm often averse to leaving home, or more to the point, my sweetie, for long periods of time. (There's a reason I write erotic romance and romantic erotica. My home life is...inspiring.)

But a large part of it, really, was that I was scared. Scared to admit I wanted it. Scared to be "selfish" enough to consider attending a professional conference that might disrupt the routine of our lives more than me hopping in the car and driving half an hour to the regional conference does.

Scared, on some level, to admit that this really is my job. (I have some weird issues about writing as a profession versus as a vocation/passion, which I will not burden you all with. Suffice to say I know they're there, I know why they're there, and I am chipping away at them. Unfortunately they took a long time to develop and seem to be taking a long time to go away. Just when I think I've killed the damn hydra, it grows another head.)

Then I got an email from Black Lace, asking if I'd be at RWA National to take part in a book-signing party. I mentioned this to my husband. "It's great that they're having this big thing, since they just got recognized by RWA. I can't go, of course" I said.
"What do you mean?" he said.
"It's in Atlanta. Too much money to spend on a trip for just me."
"It's your job, you silly woman. Your full-time job."
And so on and so on until I saw reason.

So I'm going to Atlanta in a month. Yikes!

Of course, there's a down side to all this good news, which is that I haven't produced vast quantities of writing lately, for various reasons. (Finishing a copyediting project, an anniversary mini-vacation, where I did write a bit, but not much; distraction via paperwork). But I did get a new story off today and have a few more in various stages of completion, and have another new scene for Making Master Right.


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