Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Lions are Live! Take them home today!

Look! Look! Lions'Pride is now up and available for ordering as an e-book. (The print book should come out next year, but it depends to some extent on ebook sales, so if you're not an ebook fan and want to read it, tell your friends to order the ebook!)

It's on the splash page here and my own personal page, complete with a link to an excerpt and the all-important buy link, is here.

I could just burst with excitement and pride! *squeals so loudly her friends in the UK can hear her*

Note: In case you're new to my blog and have missed the memo, this book contains car chases, magical battles, snarky ghosts, hot shapeshifters and witches and lots and lots of explicit sex, some threeway or gay. Depending on your taste, this is either a warning or a recommendation.

Here's another little taste...not necessarily the thing to read at the office! A little sex magic to start your day off right!

He slid a hand down to stroke Rafe’s cock. Like touching himself and yet not. He was acutely aware of the similarities and differences between their bodies. Acutely aware of Rafe’s weight and thickness. A slightly shorter cock than his, but thicker, cut as his was not so it felt pleasantly alien. It was swollen and proud and a deep purple at the crown.

With his other hand, he reached, found his wife, who’d shrugged off her robe so she, too, was naked. He slipped his fingers between her legs, parted her drenched curls to caress her hard little clit.

Rafe’s hand closed around him. Surer than Jude’s touch on the other man’s cock, Rafe stroked and caressed. The perfect pressure, the way he’d touch himself—harder than Elissa normally would unless he urged her to be rough. It felt as though Rafe were drawing liquid silk over him, but that was his own fluids, pre-come leaking in his eagerness.

Pressure built inside him, and not just in his dick.

The air smelled different, not only of sex, but of flowers, and when he forced himself to look he saw the world around them was in springlike bloom. The tree had transformed into an enormous lilac, filling the air with its heady fragrance.

Quickly, he raised his hand to his mouth, licked it to moisten it, tasting Rafe as he did, then went back to stroking that delicious length.

Dancing on the fingers of his other hand, Elissa mewled. Her juices drenched him, flowing down his hand, flowing to the dry earth, he swore, and making it blossoming.

“Fuck me,” she breathed, and both men turned to her.

She shook her head, beckoned to Jude.

Jude lay on his back with Elissa straddling him, her slick, tight folds engulfing his aching cock.

Rafe hung back, his eyes sad, his erection blazing.

This was a dream. You could do what you wanted in dreams—and Jude knew what he wanted. “Let me suck you,” he said. “I’ve never…but I know what I like.”

Rafe’s grin would have been reward enough, especially when paired with Elissa contracting around him like a silk vise.

Rafe kneeled beside Jude’s head. He clasped his hand around the base of Rafe’s cock, took a deep breath, ran his tongue over the slick, swollen head.

Not bad.

Damn good, in fact.

He wanted more.

Elissa moved over him, riding his cock for all she was worth, the liquid sounds of his penis moving inside her an added stimulus.

Another man’s cock filled his mouth for the first time ever.

He’d never known he’d wanted this until he met Rafe—had figured it wasn’t his thing.

But it was. Oh, it was. He simply hadn’t had the right offer before.

Slick with his saliva, his hand stroked more easily now, moving up and down the shaft. He bobbed his head to take in more of Rafe, and he was sweet and salty and rich like one of those soft French cheeses Elissa loved. He suddenly understood she liked them because they tasted like a man’s sex when he was ready to explode in her mouth.

He’d probably appreciate it more the next time she bought some, he thought, and chuckled. The chuckling must have done something good, because Rafe made a strangled but happy noise that went straight to his own dick, made his hips buck, pushed him deeper into his beautiful wife.

The air smelled like rain and forest, like spring, like sex. He opened his eyes to see Rafe almost too close, a copper and red blur. Elissa moved gracefully yet wildly, her breasts bobbing, her hips rolling, a green and silver nimbus around her pale body. His own skin glowed gold.

He closed his eyes and saw the colored auras weaving together.

Elissa cried out, clamped around him, her body bucking.

He drove the nails of his free hand into his palm to distract himself, to hold off at this amazing plateau a few minutes longer.

“I’m gonna…” Rafe groaned, trying to pull away.

“No, you don’t,” Jude said around the other man’s cock. “Want to taste you.” The words should have been unrecognizable—he could barely understand them and he knew what he’d tried to say—but Rafe got it.

Remembering something Elissa had done for him, he reached around, cupped Rafe’s tight balls, ran his fingernails over the spot where balls and anus blurred together.

Rafe exploded.

It almost choked him, and the salty, musky flavor would take some getting used to, but Jude didn’t care. That surge of the other man’s pleasure carried him away.

The fire started somewhere around his heart, where the cord that bound him to Elissa started. It ran through his belly, burning with sweet intensity, shot through his groin and into his cock and out again, a fountain of red-hot pleasure.

He saw the universe open. Saw the regal, remote figures of the Lady and the Lord and the fractured, androgynous, species-blurred face of the Trickster with its lopsided grin and its tears. Felt Trickster’s tears as rain began to fall.

Heard Elissa’s voice, as if at a great distance, saying, “We did it. Rafe, we did it! His aura’s almost right again!”


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