Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I can't believe...

that I haven't updated in over a month.

Actually I can. This summer's been a bit hectic, but the kind of hectic that doesn't leave me with a lot of fascinating tales to report. The day job's been hellish. It's still part-time, but, horror of horrors, I've started caring, so it follows me home. I guess it's good to care, but I'd like to cut out the part where it follows me home.

The garden's been eating a lot of my time, which is only fair because we've been eating a lot from the garden. Next year, perhaps, I won't plant quite so many beans. :-) Who am I kidding? I'll plant just as many and we'll eat and enjoy them. I love gardening and cooking, so it's been a fun summer in that aspect, but I'd forgotten how much time a decent-sized garden takes. How did I do it when I had the quarter-acre plot in Burdett with the Boatbuilder? Oh, that's right--no day job and damn little social life!

And to be honest, I think I've been a bit depressed. Not for any good external reason, but various things indicate that it has a physical cause. Let's just say I enjoy being a girl, most of the time--but not always--and leave it at that, shall we?

To make up for my long silence, I'll follow up immediately with a post of covers and teases...


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