Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Greetings, curious readers.

Teresa Noelle Roberts/half of Sophie Mouette here, on a New England day that can't decide whether to be glorious or ghastly. It was spitting snow while the sun was out earlier... Yes, you can expect periodic reports on the view out my office window, as well as writing updates.

The new Sophie Mouette proposal (working title: Chloe) is almost ready to go off to our editor. It's been rough going on this one, partly because we're aiming for a madcap comic tone that's hard to maintain if, say, one isn't feeling up to par. But I think we've finally got it under control enough that we can just write the fool thing now. Proposals are not my friend, but one has to do them.

Yesterday, besides the proposal, my self-appointed task was to set up some readings, or at least find about local open-mike opportunities, to promote the new poetry book, The Hawk's Frequency. I knew there would be many venues in Boston, but I'm astonished by how many there are out here in the far-flung suburbs. I've been shamefully lax about getting involved in such things in Massachusetts, although I was an open-mike regular when I lived in Ithaca a millon years ago. Trying to juggle writing, bellydancing, and healthy relationships while having a fulltime+commute job, I guess, made me push a lot of things aside. Now the writing is my full-time job, and it's well past time to find community here, to support others as well as to promote myself.

Because, as I've discovered on several occasions lately, people are actually regarding me as a Real Writer. I find this scary, because I don't feel "real." But then I remember my mother telling me, not that long ago, that she'd never felt like a real adult. She was in her sixties at the time. Maybe no one ever feels real?

Oh well, time to get to work. I think I'll do a bit of poetry today, then on to the kinky romance!


At 5:50 PM, Blogger ktbuffy said...

Welcome to Blogspot! Can't wait to see more. Like, say, helpful tips and advice for aspiring erotica writers?

At 2:20 PM, Blogger TeresaNoelleRoberts said...

We'll see what we can do about helpful advice (on days when I'm not all over the map taking care of the rest of life!)


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